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We need to talk about how to vote | with Giordano & Ellen

Episode Summary

Ep 31: In which we answer your questions on how our voting system works and how to make your vote count on climate at this crucial election - feat. Ellen!

Episode Notes

This is the podcast companion to our latest Honest Government Ad about the election

You can also view this episode of the podcast on our YouTube channel - which we recommend as it includes our video conversation.

Here are the links we mentioned in the podcast:

AEC resources:
🔹 How to vote in the House of Reps 
🔹 How to vote in the Senate 
🔹 Multilingual voting guides

🔹 "Voices of" Groups
🔹 Climate200 candidates
🔹 Climate Analytics analysis

Honest Government Ads featured:
🔹 Honest Government Ad | 2022 Election
🔹 Honest Government Ad | Hung Parliaments
🔹 Honest Government Ad | Preferential voting

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