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The News Corp Barganing Code | with Lizzie O'Shea

Episode Summary

Ep 20: in which I chat with digital rights lawyer Lizzie O'Shea about the News Media Bargaining Code to get a deeper understanding of the shitty and very consequentlial law the Australian Government just passed, and which Governments around the world will want to copy.

Episode Notes

 This is the podcast companion to our latest Honest Government Ad about the News Corp Bargaining Code - watch it here

You can also view this podcast on YouTube - which we recommend as it contains lots of visuals and graphs to help you follow the story.

You can follow Lizzie here:
You can find Digital Rights Watch here:

Here's the legislation:
Lizzie's Overland article: "Facebook vs the media code: whoever wins, we lose" 
Also by Lizzie: "Australia's flawed push to make Big Tech pay for news"

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