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The New Climate War | with Michael E. Mann

Episode Summary

Ep 19: In which we open the new year by giving the mic to climate scientist Michael E. Mann who talks about the new challenges we face in this critical decade for climate action, and as we enter an election year here in Gasland (aka Australia). Content warning: contains unusual levels of optimism.

Episode Notes

This is a bonus podcast to start off the new year and acts as a companion to all our Honest Governmenmt Ads about climate and energy policy this year. We discuss a number of issues, from US and Australia climate politics, to attempts to divide the climate movement - such as the debate between individual responsibility and systemic/collective action on climate; the divide between "activists" and "doomers" - and why there is reason to be cautiously optmistic about the future. 

You can also view this interview on our YouTube channel, which we recommend as it contains visuals to help you follow along.

You can follow Michael Mann on twitter here: @michaelemann
And you can find his book, The New Climate War, here.

If you missed it, you might also enjoy Episode 9 of the podcast, in which I first interviewed Michael Mann in February 2020 while he was living in Australia.

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