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We need to talk about the Djab Wurrung Trees | with Djab Wurrung Embassy

Episode Summary

Welcome to Episode 3, in which I drove two hours out of Melbourne to talk with the Indigenous crew who established the Djab Wurrung Embassy in order to protect ancient sacred trees under threat from a highway project. It's also my first attempt at an interview. I hope you enjoy it.

Episode Notes

Here is the video associated with this podcast episode: Honest Government Ad | Djab Wurrung Trees

To keep up to date with the situation at the Djab Wurrung Embassy visit DWEMBASSY.COM and follow the Djab Wurrung Cultural Heritage Protection Page on Facebook.

Make sure to check out a website created by concerned locals which contains heaps of info about the financial, safety and environmental benefits of the proposed "Northern Option", as a better alternative route for the highway project.

Thanks to Mark at Climactic for recording this episode.

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