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Climate History: Australia's Kyoto Carbon Credits | with Richie Merzian

Episode Summary

Ep 18: In which we take a trip back in time with Richie Merzian to learn the story of how Australia earned it's precious Kyoto Carryover Credits and, in the process, learn about international climate politics and why our Government has pissed off the entire world with its bullshit. Essential history for all Aussies.

Episode Notes

This is the podcast companion to our latest Honest Government Ad about the Kyoto Carryover Credits - watch it here

You can also view this podcast on YouTube - which we recommend as it contains lots of visuals and graphs to help you follow the story.

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Clive Hamilton: Australia hit its Kyoto target, but it was more a three-inch putt than a hole in one
Richie Merzian: Australia admits it is on its own using cringe carbon loophole
Tim Baxter: Excellent twitter thread with lots of graphs
Ketan Joshi: This isn’t progress. It’s a symptom of rot.
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